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A select archive of published work. Links included where available online.

The Cost of Eating Well in Copenhagen, Barley, December 2023

Don’t flake on these new Edinburgh coffee shops and bakeries, Barley, November 2023

Irish whisky? It's about the moment, Barley, October 2023

We locals love to whinge about the Fringe, The Independent, August 2023

One Story House, Barley, May 2023

Being Ginger Has Its Perks. Sunbathing Isn't One of Them, The Independent, May 2023

The Adelphi Hotel, The Dillydoun Review, Issue 17, 2022

Dégustation, Erato Magazine, Issue 1, 2022

SIX FEET, Violet Indigo Blue, Etc., Summer 2022

Untitled, chewgulpspit, Issue 1, 2022

The Return, Extra Teeth, Issue 4, 2021

S(t)imulation, NOMAD, 2018

The Men in the Hills, Like the Wind, Issue 11, 2016


Skepticism of the Universal: Empathy and Death in Joyce, Vuong, and Taylor, Flat Ink (upcoming).


The Sloan Prize, 'The Return', The University of Edinburgh.


Rome Comes Back to Life, The Martello, III. Lessons from Loneliness, 2022.

Alice has also been published as a columnist in Scottish Review and as an English academic in FORUM Postgraduate Journal. Her work is locatable in any academic search engine.

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